Jason Lunder

jlunder@zagmail.gonzaga.edu | github | linkedin

I graduated in Computer Science and Mathematics from Gonzaga University in May 2023 and have experience in cutting edge AI Research.
Most recently, I worked as a Machine Learning/Data Science intern at Gestalt Diagnostics.
In my spare time, I work on a variety of projects in NLP, CV, and other areas of ML/AI


Machine Learning / Data Science Intern at Gestalt Diagnostics
Research Assistant at the Gonzaga University Center for Complex Systems
Research Assistant for a Gonzaga University sponsored Tripping Hazard Detection project


I build models and infrastructure for machine learning systems, including:
- A system of various CV models for assisting pathologists diagnosing cancer
- A novel lemma dependency tree based machine translation model
- A model for detecting if a research paper’s abstract is AI generated
- A system for detecting tripping hazards with a Microsoft Hololens v2

I led the Gonzaga Robotics Computer Science and Machine Learning team in designing and developing a control system for a mars rover I contributed to the 2022 ACROBAT Grand Challenge winning image registration model for histology images
I developed an RPA based system for automating IT processes at Lynden Inc.
I helped organize one of the largest online communities in Gonzaga University history